To sustain and grow with time, there are several other aspects to focus on, other than just launching the first collection. It is important to plan and execute what you have worked on and work on the steps mentioned. 

The following are various steps which have to be followed by every fashion entrepreneur to make their business successful: 

Have an eye over the latest trends: Every now and then the trends keep changing and it shouldn’t be like what’s vague now might change a lot when the fashion collection is launched. Being a fashion designer, one has to plan and collect months in advance so that one can have enough idea about the various trends that are currently going in the fashion field and whether these will remain and be liked by the people.

Design for your core audience: Usually a fashion designer’s first collection will let the people know about his or her creativity and way of expressing it to the audience. But one thing which has to be considered is what customers would like, as they are the ones who decide on what has to be sold. So, one has to keep the need of core audience in their mind before they start designing their collection. The highly beneficial and useful technique which can be used by most of the businesses in market research is the persona mapping which helps in finding the audience and what are they looking for from a designer.

Cost control: Have a tight control on material costs, manufacturing costs or the marketing costs as it should be profitable as well. Understand from customers’ point of view and whether he or she will be ready to pay for your designs.

Marketing: Right marketing is very important to sell a designer’s collections. You should make use of various marketing strategies and ways like social media, in-store, and word of mouth while considering and controlling the marketing costs.

Presentation and selling: It is very important to make the collection attractive for a customer when it is been displayed along with other fashion brands online or offline. 

Keep a check on sales, channels, inventory, and cash flow: When a designer has his or her merchandise stock over various outlets they should have a track on sold and unsold inventory items and the due which has to be received. Over online it is very easy to track the sales while updating the inventory. Return issue should be handled diligently online. 

Maintain good relationships: Always maintain good relationships with suppliers so that they can engage happily in business as they are the ones who will maintain the timely delivery of one’s brands in a consistent manner. One must maintain better relations with customers by keeping in touch with them as they are the ones who will keep your brand alive. Their feedback is also very important for a business. Existing customers can help you get new customers so always make sure to reward them with various royalty options whenever possible.