If you go through history, you will find that men were wearing more jewelry when compared to women. In the present days, the gap between feminine and masculine fashion is slowly narrowing a lot. Though jewelry is female’s domain we can now see the most of the men are trying to experiment than before which is known as fashion awakening. In the 1970’s most of the men used to wear a watch and austere wedding band. In the hippy era wearing a stud earring had become fashionable for most of the men. But it has to be made on the correct eye as one side means gay and another side means straight. Few prefer to wear the brooches based on their taste and interest on their blazer. Most of the latest male style icons now prefer to wear prominent and unique necklaces, bracelets and rings. Various actors like Chadwick Bose do dress in a way to show how a man should look like. 

You can also see a cultural shift in men jewelry. The popular jewelry store owners say that men are now looking for higher quality and precious ones and are spending more on them. In China and Japan, there is a huge market for men’s jewelry as the young men living there are ready to experiment with various forms of jewelry. There are different jewelry designers all around the globe who work on creating unique and specialized designs of jewelry using various materials. Some designers also work on rough diamonds creating strange, low key glitter and satisfying works using gold, silver, leather and other precious and non-precious stones.

Caiyang Yin is one of the best designers who create designer pieces related to miniature sculpture without specifying any particular gender. He makes jewelry for those who want to express themselves through their jewelry rather than just wearing as wealth or symbol. 

When you consider completely there is a growing demand and trend for male jewelry. Even their dressing has become quite dull while ornamentation has increased. Particularly for those who wish to go for an adventurous style by combining different choices while making it exciting. Though women had a fun time playing different jewelry it is now the men’s turn. Even they would now like to explore different styles of dressing and jewelry accessories like women. Men can now be more stylish and adventurous with mixing different styles and customized jewelry.