Through the increase in popularity of digital marketing, it is now possible to target the right customers directly without the intervention of any middleman. It’s the best practice which will also help you to have great margins and make huge profits. In the year 2009, the Swiss watch industry had seen a great air gap in the world economy. Though most of the watch brands have successfully absorbed it and had 6 years of good sales record. But unfortunately, the recession had started in the year 2015 again and is still continuing. The recession in sales of watches is mainly explained to get affected due to various factors like the change in purchasing behavior of the consumer, global economic downtown and advent of connected wristbands. It is mostly because not all the brands have emerged to be successful in getting good sales. With the latest wristbands and other Smart watch being available online, people now have a great choice to compare and buy the right watch which they like the most. 

Three fundamentals that got upset by internet marketing in the watch industry are the notions of space, time and information. Through online marketing, it is now possible to eliminate the first two and get 3rd one in detail. In general, a customer will go to a retail store (space) at a particular time and will get the desired information about a product or service. The first and last parameters are usually expensive and with which one can get more margin. 

When business is done by combining both digital and online stock availability, they can eliminate maximum factors which lead to an increase in the main costs. In the method of direct sales, there are fewer chances of missing any important information. Through direct sales, it also helps in understanding real-time sales in the market and can optimize commercial operations, production and the various marketing campaigns accordingly so that they can maximize their profits.