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    Guest post for us

    We welcome writers to collaborate with us and share excellent quality articles to our watches and fashion shopping website. You do not have to necessarily be a writer but some idea on the fashion and lifestyles trends is what can help. Before going ahead, we would like to state a few facts which are important for your understanding. All content and articles that are submitted need to meet the mentioned criteria for their work to get approved from the editorial team. If you are wondering what you get when you write for us, we will explain to you in details.

    Through our medium, you can connect to the global audience who are our partners, shoppers and even social media influencers. You need to have a flair for writing and let your voice be heard out. The kinds of content that we are looking for needs to be practical inspirations which can help us grow a better environment for the e-commerce market. We are looking at writers who can contribute and help reinforce the omni channel aspect of the retailers. You can select any topic and write about them as long as they are fashion, lifestyle, and accessories such as best watches. You can write tutorials, news, tips, and tricks or any relevant piece of information.

    The submission must have original content and free from plagiarism and the word count should be minimum 500. Choose a title and then elaborate the points in keywords and subheadings which will be reviewed by the team of editors. Please ensure that you are able to engage the readers which will bring more traffic for us. If you are using any piece of information from any external source, submit the link so that our readers know the credibility of the information. Replying from our end may take a week’s time because of the huge numbers of contents we get.