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    Advantages of online shopping

    The internet has turned out to be a boon for all in this digital age. Not only can one sell their products but can also purchase different kinds of products. One can also save a huge amount of money when the procurements are done in the right manner. Online stores are highly competitive and this is not only limited to other online stores but also proper shops and showrooms. Many websites offer a price comparison which makes it easier for shoppers to understand the rates. 

    Online shopping has many benefits and they are:

    • Stores are open 24×7
    • Shoppers can shop from the comfort of their homes
    • There is no need to go out and stand in queues to purchase anything
    • Online shopping saves a lot of time which can be invested in other works
    • Shoppers can save on fuel
    • No need to delve on whether the showroom will have a valet parking or not
    • No forceful sales pitch is involved
    • No crowds and rush
    • One can shop anything from anywhere in the world
    • One can give a review of what they buy to help others understand the product details
    • Better prices and deals
    • The option of adding coupons or vouchers to further minimize the costing and get them with no extra shipping rates.
    • One can buy items that are not available in their city and get it delivered right at their doorstep
    • Instant comparison of prices to get the bests value
    • Not only can you give reviews but also read other people’s reviews and decide about your purchase
    • Seasonal sales and promotional offers are common
    • Easy refund process in all online shopping portals
    • Flexible payment options which also includes EMI on selective products
    • Saves you a lot of energy that is required to go, shop and come back from a retail store

    The internet has brought a revolution in the way one does their shopping nowadays. With the internet becoming accessible in everyone’s mobile, online shopping has also become very common and popular. Many e-commerce platforms have taken rise due to this growing trend of online shopping which has taken the entire world by its waves. The many benefits of online shopping have been listed when compared to shopping in retails stores. Such is the ease and comfort of online shopping that there is very less percentage of people who still go to retail stores to buy anything. The various things you can buy online are gadgets, medicine, grocery, shoes, furniture, etc.


    How the traditional watch retail market has been replaced by digital technology

    Through the increase in popularity of digital marketing, it is now possible to target the right customers directly without the intervention of any middleman. It’s the best practice which will also help you to have great margins and make huge profits. In the year 2009, the Swiss watch industry had seen a great air gap in the world economy. Though most of the watch brands have successfully absorbed it and had 6 years of good sales record. But unfortunately, the recession had started in the year 2015 again and is still continuing. The recession in sales of watches is mainly explained to get affected due to various factors like the change in purchasing behavior of the consumer, global economic downtown and advent of connected wristbands. It is mostly because not all the brands have emerged to be successful in getting good sales. With the latest wristbands and other Smart watch being available online, people now have a great choice to compare and buy the right watch which they like the most. 

    Three fundamentals that got upset by internet marketing in the watch industry are the notions of space, time and information. Through online marketing, it is now possible to eliminate the first two and get 3rd one in detail. In general, a customer will go to a retail store (space) at a particular time and will get the desired information about a product or service. The first and last parameters are usually expensive and with which one can get more margin. 

    When business is done by combining both digital and online stock availability, they can eliminate maximum factors which lead to an increase in the main costs. In the method of direct sales, there are fewer chances of missing any important information. Through direct sales, it also helps in understanding real-time sales in the market and can optimize commercial operations, production and the various marketing campaigns accordingly so that they can maximize their profits. 


    Numbers of men wearing jewelry is on the rise


    If you go through history, you will find that men were wearing more jewelry when compared to women. In the present days, the gap between feminine and masculine fashion is slowly narrowing a lot. Though jewelry is female’s domain we can now see the most of the men are trying to experiment than before which is known as fashion awakening. In the 1970’s most of the men used to wear a watch and austere wedding band. In the hippy era wearing a stud earring had become fashionable for most of the men. But it has to be made on the correct eye as one side means gay and another side means straight. Few prefer to wear the brooches based on their taste and interest on their blazer. Most of the latest male style icons now prefer to wear prominent and unique necklaces, bracelets and rings. Various actors like Chadwick Bose do dress in a way to show how a man should look like. 

    You can also see a cultural shift in men jewelry. The popular jewelry store owners say that men are now looking for higher quality and precious ones and are spending more on them. In China and Japan, there is a huge market for men’s jewelry as the young men living there are ready to experiment with various forms of jewelry. There are different jewelry designers all around the globe who work on creating unique and specialized designs of jewelry using various materials. Some designers also work on rough diamonds creating strange, low key glitter and satisfying works using gold, silver, leather and other precious and non-precious stones.

    Caiyang Yin is one of the best designers who create designer pieces related to miniature sculpture without specifying any particular gender. He makes jewelry for those who want to express themselves through their jewelry rather than just wearing as wealth or symbol. 

    When you consider completely there is a growing demand and trend for male jewelry. Even their dressing has become quite dull while ornamentation has increased. Particularly for those who wish to go for an adventurous style by combining different choices while making it exciting. Though women had a fun time playing different jewelry it is now the men’s turn. Even they would now like to explore different styles of dressing and jewelry accessories like women. Men can now be more stylish and adventurous with mixing different styles and customized jewelry. 


    Way to develop your fashion brand profitably


    To sustain and grow with time, there are several other aspects to focus on, other than just launching the first collection. It is important to plan and execute what you have worked on and work on the steps mentioned. 

    The following are various steps which have to be followed by every fashion entrepreneur to make their business successful: 

    Have an eye over the latest trends: Every now and then the trends keep changing and it shouldn’t be like what’s vague now might change a lot when the fashion collection is launched. Being a fashion designer, one has to plan and collect months in advance so that one can have enough idea about the various trends that are currently going in the fashion field and whether these will remain and be liked by the people.

    Design for your core audience: Usually a fashion designer’s first collection will let the people know about his or her creativity and way of expressing it to the audience. But one thing which has to be considered is what customers would like, as they are the ones who decide on what has to be sold. So, one has to keep the need of core audience in their mind before they start designing their collection. The highly beneficial and useful technique which can be used by most of the businesses in market research is the persona mapping which helps in finding the audience and what are they looking for from a designer.

    Cost control: Have a tight control on material costs, manufacturing costs or the marketing costs as it should be profitable as well. Understand from customers’ point of view and whether he or she will be ready to pay for your designs.

    Marketing: Right marketing is very important to sell a designer’s collections. You should make use of various marketing strategies and ways like social media, in-store, and word of mouth while considering and controlling the marketing costs.

    Presentation and selling: It is very important to make the collection attractive for a customer when it is been displayed along with other fashion brands online or offline. 

    Keep a check on sales, channels, inventory, and cash flow: When a designer has his or her merchandise stock over various outlets they should have a track on sold and unsold inventory items and the due which has to be received. Over online it is very easy to track the sales while updating the inventory. Return issue should be handled diligently online. 

    Maintain good relationships: Always maintain good relationships with suppliers so that they can engage happily in business as they are the ones who will maintain the timely delivery of one’s brands in a consistent manner. One must maintain better relations with customers by keeping in touch with them as they are the ones who will keep your brand alive. Their feedback is also very important for a business. Existing customers can help you get new customers so always make sure to reward them with various royalty options whenever possible.